Soft Denture Liners

Soft Denture Liners

A denture liner is a soft, pliable lining that is placed between the surface of a denture and the soft tissues of your mouth that come in contact with your dentures.  

The proper type of soft denture liner can enhance the fit, comfort-level and performance of dentures.    

If your dentures aren't functioning properly or you are experiencing pain or discomfort, please contact us to see if a soft denture liner is the right solution for you. 

We've been helping patients with dentures for nearly 50 years!  
Our in-house denture lab and team of denture professionals are like no other. They are located in Akron, Ohio and offer extensive experience with fabricating dentures that look natural, feel comfortable and perform well. If dentures need repaired, they provide our patients with exceptional service that keeps them smiling. 

Put all our knowledge and history with dentures to work for you. We can help make your dentures the best they can be and help you live life on your terms!

What a Soft Denture Liner Does

Here are just a few of the many benefits that our soft denture liners have to offer:

1. Absorbs the shock when chewing. This allows for increased chewing comfort and minimizes jawbone deterioration. 

2. Permanently soft. Our denture liners will not harden even over long periods of time! 

3. Firm and Resilient. Maximizes comfort against the soft tissue of your mouth yet firm enough to provide retention. 

4. Resistant to Fungal Growth. Helps the denture stay clean using normal hygiene methods. Minimizes sore spots and promotes healthy soft tissue under the denture. Reduces odors and stains. 

5. Low Water Absorption. The denture liner will not swell.

6. Permanency. Long-term solution which provides the lowest overall cost.  

7. Natural Bond Between Gums and Denture. Eliminates need to use messy bonding agents. 

8. 5-Year Warranty. Guaranteed longer life.

Learn more about our soft denture liners and how we can help you improve the comfort and functionality of your dentures by calling (330) 733-7911 or send us a website message
Soft denture liner
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