Our 50 Year History

Serving Akron and Canton Area Families for Over 50 Years!

Our entire team is dedicated to serving your dental needs, making you feel welcome and comfortable while providing you with the very best dental care at affordable prices. 

When it comes to fixing a dental problem and your dental health, experience makes all the difference.We offer our patients a wealth of experience treating all types of dental problems and helping patients maintain optimum dental health and oral hygiene. 

Dr. George has been a board certified dentist and actively practicing since 1963. Dr. Grucella has been a board certified dentist and in practice since 1998. 

If you have a dental issue or are looking to properly maintain your dental health, have confidence and take comfort in knowing you will be taken care of by a team of highly experienced dental professionals who sincerely care about you. That's the type of care Dr. George and Dr. Grucella have been providing patients for over 50 years. 

We're committed to making every visit to our dentist office a pleasant experience. 

We aren't here to question you, pressure you or give you lectures. 

We are here to: listen to you, answer your questions; take care of you; resolve your dental issue or issues; restore and maintain your dental health and; put a smile on your face. 

You'll look forward to each and every visit with us! 
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