Our Experienced Local Denture Lab Delivers Quality, Custom-Fit Dentures in 2 Days at Affordable Prices!

Akron, Ohio denture lab
Our in-house dental laboratory is one of the largest in Northeast Ohio and allows us to fabricate beautiful dentures at a price that will make you smile. In fact, we have produced well over 100,000 dentures in our nearly 50 year history.

Because we have a large, in-house dental laboratory and dedicated dental technicians, we are in a unique position to create your dentures in 2 days!

If you are looking for quality dentures at affordable prices, Contact Us to schedule a FREE Consultation so we can discuss your denture needs and what we can do for you. You will see the many advantages our dentist office provides you. 

If you would like to learn more about dentures, be sure to check out Dr. Grucella's Free Denture Education Program (see below).

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Price is Important But So is Quality, Fit, Appearance and Comfort

Just because we deliver dentures at great prices doesn't mean we sacrifice quality. Quite the opposite. Our in-house dental laboratory allows us to closely monitor and tightly control the quality of the dentures we fabricate. We have high standards that we strictly adhere to.   

Our team of dental professionals takes great pride in creating personalized dentures for our patients that look natural, feel comfortable and function well. We offer a variety of denture options including metal and flexible, metal-free partials and permanent soft bases. 

Contact Us to talk about how we can provide you with quality dentures that will make you smile!

Talk, Eat, Sing, Smile! 

Unless you wear dentures, it's easy to take for granted the vital role our teeth play in pronouncing words, enjoying our favorite foods, singing memorable songs and providing others with a precious smile to let them know how you feel. Quality dentures give you the confidence to perform all these actions without hesitation

Our in-house Akron, Ohio dental lab produces dentures that allow people to talk clearly, take bites out of apples, carry a tune and deliver beautiful smiles that brighten their day and the days of countless others.   

Denture Repairs While You Wait. Free Adjustments. Same Day Relines. 

One of the largest benefits of our in-house dental laboratory is our ability to provide denture patients with fast repair, adjustment and relining service.

We understand the importance of having the full use of your dentures. Therefore, if or when the need arises, we will repair your dentures while you wait, adjust your dentures for FREE and reline your dentures in the same day. 

Soft Denture Liners 

Our soft liners can enhance the comfort and functionality of dentures. If your dentures are causing pain, discomfort or the performance is not what it should be, click here to discover how our soft denture liners can help: Soft Denture Liners

Dr. Grucella's Free Denture Education Program

In this unique, one-of-a-kind, comprehensive, and Free Denture Education Program, Dr. Grucella takes you into our in-house dental lab and teaches you about a wide variety of denture topics that will help you make a good decision when it comes to selecting a denture that fits your long-term needs, expectations and budget. A sample of the topics covered in Dr. Grucella's Denture Education Program include:
  • Appearance Feature of Dentures
  • Getting Dentures to Fit Right
  • The Price of Dentures
  • Materials Used to Make Dentures
  • Why Dentures Need Adjustments
  • Positioning Teeth in a Denture
  • Denture Options and Alternatives
Plus 32 more denture topics!  

Go To Dr. Grucella's Denture Education Program

You Have Options! These Are The Different Types of Dentures We Offer

Ultra Dentures

This is our highest quality, strongest, best fitting denture. In fact, 5 to 6 times stronger with the most natural color and odor resistant. Our Ultra Denture is made with Injection Acrylic where our technicians inject our Ultra Acrylic into a mold and cure the acrylic under both high temperature and pressure to enhance the denture's strength. 

We also use Trubyte IPN teeth, which is the leading type of product for denture teeth, providing the most durability and natural appearance.    

Our Ultra Dentures carry a 5 year warranty. 
Custom Dentures

This is the next best thing to our Ultra Denture. Our Custom Dentures are made with Poured Acrylic, which is a quality conventional acrylic that is poured into a mold and bench set.  

With our Custom Dentures, we use Trubyte Classic teeth, which is also an excellent brand of denture tooth providing a natural look at a price that is more affordable then Trubyte IPN teeth.     

Our Custom Dentures carry a 1 year warranty. 
Standard Dentures

This is our most affordable denture made with Poured Acrylic, which is a quality conventional acrylic that is poured into a mold and bench set. Our Standard Dentures also feature economy teeth, a less expensive type of tooth that offers the most affordability.   

Our Standard Dentures carry a 1 year warranty. 

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