White for Life Program

White for Life Teeth Whitening Program

Patients love our White For Life Teeth Whitening Program!

With this popular teeth whitening program, we take impressions of your teeth. Then, we make custom whitening trays for you to take with you so you can whiten your teeth in the convenience of your home. 

It works great! Based on the history of our White For Life Program, patients typically see their teeth whiten and brighten between 8-12 shades on average. Every patient is different and there are a lot of factors that determine how successful a teeth whitening program will be for you. We can discuss all these variables with you up-front before you start a teeth whitening program. 

When patients who are enrolled in our White For Life Program maintain their regular 6-month hygiene appointments, they receive two (2) syringes of whitening gel for FREE for as long as they remain a patient at our dental office. That's a big savings for being part of this program! 

To learn more about our White For Life Teeth Whitening Program, please contact us by calling (330) 733-7911 or send us a website message.
White for Life Teeth Whitening Program
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